Vin Hair Vendor Everything To Know About This Hair Supplier

If you are learning about wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam and accidentally came across Vin Hair Vendor and want to learn more about this supplier, keep reading. Here is some information regarding Vin Hair Vendor.

  1. Something about Vin Hair Vendor

Let’s begin with something about Vin Hair’s brand, hair products, achievements, and their pricing.

1.1. The brand Vin Hair Vendor

What does the brand name Vin Hair Vendor refer to? And what are their vision and mission? Let’s find out below:

  • Vin Hair Vendor simply means Vietnam hair vendor. It is so named with the desire to become the leading Vietnamese hair vendor, bringing Vietnamese hair products to many countries throughout the world so that more people can know and experience Vietnamese hair extensions.
  • Vision and mission: Vin Hair Vendor targets the mission of providing hair beauty to all women throughout the world so that each woman can shine in their own distinctive way. 
  • Achievements: Since Vin Hair’s foundation 10 years ago, it has accomplished great things, including: 
    • Access to the customers from more than 100 countries around the world.
    • Vin Hair Vendor was honored to get the Award of Top Renowned Vietnamese Brand in 2021. This prestigious award is granted yearly in Vietnam to businesses that have succeeded in both commercial accomplishments and their services to society. 

1.2. What items Vin Hair Vendor offers and its intended market 

Due to the scarcity and expensive price of virgin hair, many hair factories in Vietnam, including Vin Hair Vendor, rarely sell virgin hair.  Their primary material is Vietnamese remy hair taken from 2-3 donors with the cuticles still intact and aligned. 

Vin Hair Vendor offers a vast assortment of patterns, types, including the following:  

  • Types: Besides hair weft, closures & frontals, Vin Hair Vendor supplies other types of high quality Vietnamese hair extensions like clip ins, tape ins, and tip ins,…  in numerous choices of textures, colors and lengths. They also supply customized products. 
  • Pattern: Clients can choose from numerous patterns, including straight, wavy, and curly in various colors, including blonde, piano, choco brown, red wine, among others. 
  • Typically, the length of Vin Hair Vendor’s products ranges from 8″ – 30″. 

Items of Vin Hair Vendors are the most sought after in Nigeria, South Africa, Europe, Ghana, the USA, and the UK.

1.3. Price of Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor assures their hair is totally Vietnamese human hair of superior quality; yet, their prices appear to be a bit higher than those of hair companies from other countries but is the best compared to other Vietnamese hair vendors. 

Base price of Vin Hair Vendor

Base price of Vin Hair Vendor

Prices will vary based on quality grades, lengths, varieties, and colors. Personalized items may be more pricey.

  1. Customer services of Vin Hair Vendor

Prior to deciding to work with a hair supplier, you should carefully evaluate their customer service. 

2.1. Vin Hair Vendor: Method of payment

All transactions will be conducted in US dollars. African clients may find it difficult to pay in other currencies, notably the US dollar, hence Vin Hair Vendor also accepts payments through agents. 

Depending on each market, Vin Hair Vendor accepts different payment methods, including: 

  • Nigerian market: 
    • Payment through agents like Harrison, Gideon, Temi, etc. 
    • Direct payments in USD are uncommon and not advised because transferring USD in Nigeria can be costly and complicated. 
  • For customers in South Africa: 
    • Bank transfer: a popular and convenient way of payment, with a transfer duration of two to four days and a reasonable fee. 
    • Western Union transactions can be conducted via the WU app or in the WU office, with a transfer period of two to three hours. 
    • Payment through Onepay is accepted if the customers have Visa or Mastercard. Transfer duration is only a few minutes. 
    • Other payment methods: Remitly and RIA are equivalent to a bank transfer and are accepted by Vin Hair Vendor. 

Payment methods for the US-UK market are the same as for the South Africa market.

2.2. Vin Hair Vendor: Shipping method

Vin Hair Vendor offers different shipping methods for different markets. 

  • Shipping to Nigeria:
    • Through agents: can pick between Gabriel (the most popular choice, delivery takes approximately 5-7 days and costs approximately $11.5 /kg) and Chinese agencies (extremely convenient, delivery from China takes approximately 3-5 days and costs $9 /kg). 
    • Shipping via DHL/FedEx is quick and simple, taking about 4-7 days, but not recommended due to high delivery and tax fees. 
Shipping methods to Nigeria

Shipping methods to Nigeria

  • Shipping to South Africa:
    • FedEx: Reasonable fees, shipping takes about 5-7 days, however there is a limit in places, and FedEx disclaims responsibility for delivery-related issues (like lost items, misplaced goods, etc.). 
    • DHL: Delivery fees include package costs and rate tariff, are costlier than FedEx but not region-specific, and take about 5-7 days. 
  • The US – UK markets: Vin Hair Vendor offers three options for shipping: 
    • FedEx: Reasonable pricing, shipping takes about 5-7 days, but there is a limit in some regions; FedEx disclaims responsibility for delivery-related issues (like lost items and misplaced goods, etc.). 
    • DHL: Delivery fees include package costs and rate tariff, are costlier than FedEx but not region-specific, and take about 5-7 days.  
    • UPS: shipping takes about 3 to 5 days, more expensive than FedEx, and assumes responsibility for delivery problems. 

2.3. Exchange and return policies of Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor has a clear return and refund policy if the following conditions are met: 

  • If products are proven to be defective (improper textures, severely damaged, etc.), Vin Hair Vendor is willing to accept them back and provide you with the appropriate compensation based on the severity of the defects. 
  • If products are found defective due to client error, the customer is solely responsible for the exchange and return procedure, including shipping and reprint charges, etc (lost, damaged, etc.). If clients’ requests are reasonable, Vin Hair Vendor will help them correct any mistakes.
  1. Vin Hair Vendor reviews from customers around the world

Below are the comments of customers regarding Vin Hair Vendor. Many buyers are delighted with Vin Hair’s products thanks to gorgeous and superior quality hair.

Some reviews from customers about Vin Hair Vendor

Some reviews from customers about Vin Hair Vendor

If you want to maintain the hair for a long time, you should follow the instructions included with it when you acquire it. If you are uncertain about how to care for the hair properly, ask the staff of Vin Hair Vendor.

You can visit our website for more detailed information about hair factory, which includes all information for your hair business. With a 10-year experience as a wholesale hair vendor, we guarantee that you can rely on me for anything you require. Click here to find out what your answer is:

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